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慶應義塾大学 メディアセンター レファレンス担当


質問のすゝめ (オンラインレファレンス)

My Library

What you can do with My Library

My Library is an online access to your library account. The table below summarizes what you can do by signing in to My Library.


It gives you a general review of the menu tabs.


You may view your active loans, and renew them.
-The loan may not be renewed if it has been reserved by other patron, or in case that the renewal period limit has been reached.
-For an overdue item, a clock-shaped icon   is displayed.

REQUESTS You may check the processing status of your requests. You may also cancel your requests on this menu screen.
-As soon as your request is kept on hold, a bell-shaped icon  is displayed.
FINE+FEES Unpaid overdue fines are displayed here.

My email: The email address shown here is the one registered in our library system. The library notices are sent to the email address. If you are a student, your email address is registered automatically. If you would like to receive the notices by other email address, please set forwarding to your preferred account. If you are NOT a student and want to change your registered email address, please visit the counter of Media Center at your convenience.
UPDATE LOGIN CREDENTIALS: You may change your password here in case you use your library card number instead of Keio ID to sign in.

Default interface language: You may set your default interface language when signing in.

Sign in to My Library

1. Click Menu on the upper right.

2. Click My Library then.

3. Sign in using your Keio ID, which includes at the end, or your library card number.

View Your Loan History

Sign in to My Library, and click LOANS tab to view your active loans and loan history. When signing in, active loans are displayed initially. 

1. Open the drop-down menu next to the heading "Loans."

2.Switch "Active loans" to "Previous and historic loans."

Save Your Active Loan / Loan History

Your active loan or loan history may be saved or printed out.

*You can save a maximum of 50 records at one time from your active loan or loan history.
*The historic loans  items returned in or after September 2019 are included in the loan history. Be aware that your current loans are excluded. 

1. Select Active loans or Previous and historic loans. (Switch "Active loans" to "Previous and historic loans.")

2. Select all or part of the items you have borrowed so far.

3. Click on the triple-dot menu on the upper right, then choose an option.

3. Here is the example of sending records via email. Enter your email address and click "SEND."