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Saving search results and queries, i.e. Favorites

Overview of favorites

You may view your favorites by clicking the icons on the upper right, or your name to open My Favorites page.

Menu Tabs on My Favorites Page

Details of Each Tab
SAVED RECORDS Displays and manages the saved records. You may delete, label and export them.
SAVED SEARCHES Diplays the saved searches. You may re-search using the queries, and set alerts and RSS fields for them. 
SEARCH HISTORY Displays the latest search history until signing out from KOSMOS, or timing out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Adding and managing favorites

Adding favorites

Click the pin-shaped icon, which is Add  this item link, on the upper right of the search result to add to favorites.

Managing favorites

①Permalink Displays the permalink for the record and enables to copy it.
②Email Sends the record via email.
③Remove this item Removes the record from favorites.
④Show actions options

Shows options for saving and sending.

EXCEL/CSV Downloads the records in Excel or CSV format. *Unavailable for the mobile version
MENDELEY Exports the records to Mendeley, a citation management tool.
ENDNOTE Exports the records to EndNote, a citation management tool. *The large number of records may not be exported to Endnote. Please download the records in RIS format first, then import them to Endnote.
EXPORT BIBTEX Downloads the record in text format using appropriate character encoding. *Unavailable for the mobile version
EXPORT RIS Downloads the record in RIS format. *Unavailable for the mobile version
REFWORKS Exports the record to RefWorks, a citation management tool.  *Only available for users enrolled at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
PRINT Submits printing to the printer of your choice.
CITATION Displays the record in citation format of your choice, such as MLA and SIST02, and enables to copy it.
PERMALINK Get the permanent link of the record for sharing.
EMAIL Send the record by email.
SHARE Shares a permalink using Facebook and Twitter.


Saving Favorites

The records you have added to your favorites list may be saved entirely or partially.
①List your favorites and select all or part of them. 

②Click on the triple-dot menu on the upper right, then choose an option. The below is the example of sending records via email. You may also save them in RIS or BIBTEX format.

③Enter your email address and click "SEND."

  • Labels are not capable of being saved.


You may put labels to a saved record. Your labels are listed on the right hand of SAVED RECORDS screen. By clicking a label, you may extract the records with the label from your favorites.

Search in My Favorites

When signed in, you may search saved records. The search is performed on the Title, Author and labels fields.

After performing a search, the search box is replaced with the search term. You may return to the complete list by selecting X next to the term.

Removing favorites

There are two ways to remove favorites. Just click on the pin mark at the right of each record or, select the favorite(s) and click on the pin mark above.

Saving queries

Option #1: Add from search results

Before getting started, sign in to KOSMOS. Click the pin-shaped icon, which is Save query link, on top of the search result list.

The message "The search query was saved to your favorites." will be shown on top of the screen.

Option #2: Add from search history

① Display your search history.
② Click the number button of the query to save. If you want to save all queries at once, check the box in front of the total number of queries shown on top of the list.
③ Click the pin-shaped icon to add to favorites.

Removing queries

① Display the saved queries.
② Click the number button of the query to remove. If you want to save all queries at once, check the box in front of the total number of queries shown on top of the list.
③ Click the pin-shaped icon to remove from favorites.

Setting alert

Alert is a process whereby an email notification wil be sent when there are new items matching your search criteria.

  • The email is sent once a week.

1. Display the saved queries. Click the bell-shaped icon of the query to set alert. 

2. Alert will be send to your registered email address if the query's results have changed.


Cancelling  alert

1. Click the My Favorites button at the top of the page.

2. Select the Saved Searches tab to display all of your saved searches.

3. Click the Cancel Alert button  that appears next to the query to cancel the alert.