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Viewing Active Loans/Renewal

How To View Active Loans

On the Overview screen of My Library, which is displayed initially when signed in, your loans are shown partially. To view entire loans, click LOANS.

Click the arrowhead-up button on the right to see details.

①Due Date In case of overdue, the clock-shaped icon and the due date are shown. The overdue fine at the moment is displayed as well.
②Renewal Period Limit Renewal is accepted until the date shown, unless other patron reserves the item.
③Renewal Button When renewal is not accepted, you may look up the reason simply by mousing over the button. 

Renewal Rules

The following cases are not subject to renewal.

In case that the item has been reserved by other patron

Please return the item by the due date.
In case of overdue If not reserved by someone else, the item may be checked out again. You are required to return the item before re-borrowing. Please bring the item to the counter. We do not accept renewal via phone. 

Submit Renewal

In order to renew all loans, click RENEW ALL on the upper right. You may also renew each loan individually by clicking the RENEW button on the right hand.
  • There may be cases in which you cannot renew for certain reasons. 
  • After renewal procedure, please refer to the message shown on the screen and the renewed due date for the item.
  • If you re-borrow an overdue item, you are required to pay the overdue fine for the delay. Be aware that the fine is not reset and you still owe it. Please make payment at the library counter at your convenience as soon as possible.

Checking reservations[if NOT renewable]

When you mouseovered the "NOT RENEWABLE" button, the description such as "This item is "Recalled" and cannot be renewed.or "Can not renew this item/This item is "Recalled" and cannot be renewed"appeared、the item is reserved by someone else. Please return it by the due date.

In case of non reserved, "RENEW" button would appear.

Exceeded the maximum renewal date [if NOT renewable]

When you mouseover the "NOT RENEWABLE" mark, the reason why not renewable is displayed.
The description such as "This item cannot be renewed/ Item is exceeded the maximum renewable date" appeared. the item is exceeded renewal period limit. Please return it by the due date. If it was not reserved by anyone, you can borrow it again.

How to view your overdue fines

If you are late for returning, you will be required to pay overdue fine of 10 JPY per day for an item. Your overdue fines are displayed as follows.

①Overdue Fines *Confirmed

The unpaid fines at the moment are shown here. They are displayed in case that you have renewed or returned overdue items without paying fines.
②Loans If there are any overdue items in your loans, the loans list displays accrued fines at the moment in red letters. Be aware that the accrued fines are not included in the confirmed fines. Please return or renew the items immediately. The fines for them will be confirmed then.