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How to Interpret Search Results

When using the search scope "Library Catalog and E-Resources"

The search results are shown as below.

  • If any database,licensed to Keio University, matches the search terms, it may be displayed on top.

①Available Online

This is a digital edition. Click Available Online for the link .


②Available at <Library Name><Location><Call Number>

This is a print edition. The location of one of the copies of the title is displayed. When Available at is shown, it means at least a copy is available among Media Centers.

When Not Available is shown, it means all copies of the title are unavailable for some reasons such as on loan. You may place a request for the item currently on loan.  Please refer to the Request web page for details.

When xx versions found. See all versions is shown instead of location information, it means the title has variant editions. Click the link to view the records. Please refer to How to Interpret Each Record as well. 

When using the search scope "Articles" to perform a search against "All Items"

① No Online Access/Check for available services

If the article is not available online, you will be navigated to another options to obtain the article.

② Available Online

Click link to access the digital edition of the article.

In either case, we suggest looking up the webpage How to Interpret Each Record.

Select Individual/All Search Results

Select individual search results

①Select search results individually by clicking corresponding check boxes, then choose option to perform against the selected records.

Select all search results on the page or top 50 results

①Click check box on the upper left to select all results on the page. ②There is also a button to choose top 50 results at once. ③After selecting records, choose option to perform against them.

Options available

The following options are available. Please refer to Adding and Managing Favorites for details.​

  • PRINT 
  • E-MAIL