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How to sign in to KOSMOS

Before You Get Started

You need your Keio ID to sign in to KOSMOS. Keio ID is an account for Keio Single Sign-On System, generally known as

  • You will need an activation key to obtain Keio ID. The way in which the key is issued differs among users, depending on their status.
  • It will take you about a week to be able to sign in to KOSMOS with your new Keio ID.
  • If you have any questions, please refer to the web pages below. If you need more help, contact Information Technology Center.

If you are eligible for borrowing but not for obtaining Keio ID, you may set a password to use My Library.
Here is how:

  • Those who have already registered their email address with Media Centers:
    Click here for instructions.
  • Others:
    Please bring your library card to the circulation counter of any Media Center at your convenience to request a password.
    Your password will be issued in person only, not by email or on phone.


1. Click "Sign in" on the upper right of the top page, then enter your Keio ID/library card number and password.

You may also sign in from the pop-up which appears during search.

2. Enter your Keio ID/library card ID and password.

3. If you have a library card, and need to sign in to KOSMOS for the first time: 

3-1. Click "Sign In" on the upper right of KOSMOS page, then click "Login with the library card number," then "Forget your password?"

3-2. Now you are navigated to "Reset Password" page. Enter your library ID, which is printed on your library card, then click "Send."

3-3. Soon after a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Please follow the instructions written in the email to set a password.

Services Available When Signed In

Here are the online services you may use by signing in to KOSMOS.

Requesting, Renewal, Viewing Loans

  • Requesting
  • Renewal
  • Viewing Loans
  • Viewing Requests
  • Cancelling Requests on Items Currently on Loan
  • Default interface language setting when signing in
For more details, please refer to My Library's HELP.

Saving and Exporting the Search Results and Queries

You may save and export your search results and queries. You may also view your search history in the session. Please refer to Favorites' HELP for details. For your safety, make sure to sign out when finished.


In Order to Search Entire Collections

Make sure to sign in to KOSMOS before starting a search. Some collections, including eResources licensed to Keio University, cannot be searched without signing in.

Session Timeout

When signed-in, your session will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
You will receive the following warning prompt 60 seconds before timeout, and you may choose to extend your session or sign out. If you choose neither, you will be signed out.