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Book Delivery/Requests


KOSMOS enables you to place a hold on items currently on loan. You may also  request book delivery from other Keio campuses in just a few easy steps. Make sure to sign in to KOSMOS before getting started. Although most of our collections may be requested, there are some exceptions. Read the following notices thoroughly.


  • The item indicated as "Item in place" on KOSMOS may not be kept on hold at the holding library.
    <Example> In case that a book held by Hiyoshi Media Center is "in place," a patron cannot request the book to receive it at Hiyoshi. If other Media Center is selected as a Pickup Location, the request would be accepted then. 
  • When a particular Media Center is not shown in the pull-down menu for the Pickup Location, it means you cannot receive the book at the library.  
  • For an item not for loan, the 'Book Request' button is not displayed. However there are some exceptions. A part of the serials in the remote depositories are subject to delivery even though no 'Book Request' is displayed for the items. You may place a request via online request form, or in person at the counter of any Media Center.

How to request 

Select the item to request from the search results. Click on the title or location line.

If the message that asks you to sign in is displayed, proceed as directed. If you do not have your Keio ID, sign in by your library card number and the password issued by Media Centers. The message will not be shown if already signed in.

  • If you are not eligible for obtaining Keio ID and have your library card already, please reach out to us.
  • As soon as you sign in, you will find a Book Request button in the GET IT section. Click the button to proceed.

In case that there are multiple volumes for a title, click the corresponding library/volume and check the holding information to confirm that the volume you need is available.

Then click Book Request button.

Select a Pickup Location then click SEND REQUEST.

  • When a particular Media Center is not shown in the pull-down menu for the Pickup Location, it means you cannot receive the book at the library.  
  • If nothing is listed in the pull-down menu for the Pickup Location, the item could be available only for faculty members.
  • Please refer to the table below or ask a librarian about information on availability of the item you would like to request.
  • Call Numbers and Corresponding Loan Rules *in Japanese only

When your request is done, the message "Your request was successfully placed." is displayed. You may check the status of your request in your My Library.

Viewing Your Requests

Sign in to KOSMOS then click REQUESTS to view the current status of your requests.

*How to interpret the REQUESTS page

①BOOK REQUEST. On Hold Shelf until YYYY/MM/DD The item is ready to pick up. The pickup deadline is as shown.
②BOOK REQUEST. In Process The item is in transit or in process of fetching. It might take some time in case that the item is in process of acquisition.

③BOOK REQUEST. Not Started

Place in queue is: n

The item is currently on loan. N patron(s) has(have) reserved the item, waiting for turn to borrow it. Your turn would be after then.

Hold Pickup Notice

A Hold Pickup Notice will be sent to your registered email address as soon as the requested item is ready. Please pick it up at the designated counter by the deadline written in the notice. You may check the status and pickup deadline of the request in the REQUESTS menu of My Library.


You may cancel your requests via your My Library.

1. Sign in to My Library and click REQUESTS tab.

2. Your requests are listed here. Select the item to cancel and click CANCEL on the right hand.

3. You will be asked "Cancel this request?" Click CANCEL IT to proceed.

4. A pop-up message "Your request was successfully canceled." is shown as soon as the cancellation is completed. A Cancellation Notice will be sent to your registered email address as well.