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Find Newspapers: Shonan Fujisawa Campus

List of Newspapers

This is a list of newspapers that are in the collection of the Shonan Fujisawa Media Center.
Please be aware that the medium and the periods available differ depending on the newspaper.

Location and Usage

Media Center 2nd floor north area, Newspaper & Magazine Corner (Cannot be checked out)

Besides the 2nd-floor Database Search Corner, the databases can be accessed from anywhere within the campus through the internal network. If the remote access symbol appears on the SFC Database NAVI, then it is also accessible off-campus.

Reduced-size editions
Media Center 2nd floor, north area movable shelves


Closed stack. Please inquire at the 2nd-floor Database Search Corner or 1st-floor Information Desk.

Japanese Language Newspapers

National Newspapers

Newspaper Title Original Database/
Reduced-size edition
Asahi Shimbun 3 months

Asahi Shimbun Cross Search (1879-)

Most recent 20 years

Mainichi Shimbun 3 months Maisaku (1872-)

Most recent 20 years

Yomiuri Shimbun 3 months

Yomidasu Rekishikan (1874-)
CD-ROM (1994-2014)


Nihon Keizai Shimbun 3 months

Nikkei Telecom 21 (1975-)

Most recent 20 years

Sankei Shimbun 3 months The Sankei Archives (1992.9-)  


Regional Newspaper

Newspaper Title Original Database/
Reduced-size edition Other
Tokyo Shimbun 3 months      
Kanagawa Shimbun 3 months      
Hokkaido Shimbun (Tomakomai ver.) 3 months      
Okinawa Times Not held

CD-ROM (1989-1997)
Okinawa Times Kiji Database (1997-)





Ryukyu Shinpo Not held Ryukyu Shinpo Database (1998-)    
Other regional newspapers Not held G-Search   Reference Desk Staff will conduct searches on your behalf. Fees apply. (Weekdays 9:15 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

Special Interest Newspapers

Newspaper title Original Database/
Reduced-size edition Other
Denpa Shimbun (IT and electronics news ) 3 months  

1982-1997 (Yamanaka Book Depository Bldg. No.2(YBD2))

Kotsu Shimbun (Transport Industry News) 3 months   1991-2015  
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Technical newspaper focusing on business and industry) 3 months      
Nikkei Veritas (The Nikkei's weekly news tabloid for finance and investment professionals) 3 months      
Nikkei Ryutsu Shimbun (Nikkei MJ (Marketing Journal)) 3 months

Nikkei Telecom 21 (1985.10-)


Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun (Nikkei Business Daily) 3 months

Nikkei Telecom 21 (1981.10-)

Kankyo Shimbun(The Environmental News) 3 months   1996.4-  
Toyo Keizai Nippo (Japanese language newspaper focusing on Korean economics) 3 months   2000-2013 Japanese language newspaper focusing on the Korean economy
Nihon Nogyo Shimbun (The Japan Agricultural News) 3 months      
Shimbun Kyokaiho (Mass media news) 1 year      
Bunka Tsushin (Cultural and entertainment news ) 1 year      
Shin-bunka (New Culture ) 1 year      
Other special newspapers Not held G-Search   Reference Desk Staff will conduct searches on your behalf. Fees apply. (Weekdays 9:15 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

 Requesting items from YBD2 can be made via KOSMOS. 

◆Political Party Newspapers

Newspaper Title Original Database/
Reduced-size edition Other
Akahata (Japanese Communist Party newspaper ) 3 months      
Komei Shimbun (New Komeito Party newspaper ) 3 months      
Jiyuminshu (Liberal Democratic Party of Japan newspaper ) 3 months      
Shakai Shinpo (Social Democratic Party newspaper ) 3 months      

Other Newspapers

Newspaper Title Original Databases/
Reduced-size edition Other
Shukan Dokushojin (The Readers Weekly) 1 year      
Tosho Shimbun (The Book Review Press) 1 year      
Kanpo 1 year(2nd-floor

NDL Digital Collection (1883-1952)
官報情報検索サービス (Kanpo Information Search Service) (1947.5-)
※To use this service, you should apply at the Reference Desk for staff to conduct searches on your behalf (Weekdays 9:15 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)
インターネット官報 (The Internet Kanpo) (Laws: 2003.7.15-, Other articles: Most recent 30 days)



Jukusei Shimbun
​(Keio Student newspaper)

Several years




Kaigai Ronsetsu Sokuho (Collection of hot editorials from worldwide major newspapers)   CD-ROM (2003-2013)   Ceased on May 31,  2015.
Korea File   CD-ROM (2000-2013)   Ceased on May 31, 2015.
China Watch   CD-ROM (2000-)   Mail delivery service
Russia and East Europe File


CD-ROM (2000-)   Mail delivery service

 CD-ROM versions are held at the 1st floor Information Desk (Weekdays, 9:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

Foreign Language Newspapers

You can search for many newspapers using Nexis UniEuropean Newsstream, and Press Reader.


Newspaper Title Original Database Others
The Japan Times  3 months

The Japan Times Archives (1897-last year)
Nexis Uni (1998-)
Japan Times (International airmail ed.) (1997-)
*For SFC and Mita users only
**ID/Password needed



United States

Newspaper Title Original Database Others

International New York Times
(previously International Herald Tribune, 
Tokyo edition)

3 months

Nexis Uni (1991.7-)
European Newsstream (1992/8-)

The Wall Street Journal
(including Weekend edition)
3 months ProQuest Newspapers / Historical Newspapers (1889-)
European Newsstream (2010.1-)

The Paper version is canceled on Sep. 2021


United Kingdom

Newspaper Title Original Database Others
Financial Times 3 months

Financial Times Historical Archive (1888-2016) 
Nexis Uni (1982- 1 month ago)
European Newsstream (1996.5- 1 month ago)

The Observer Not held

ProQuest Historical Newspapers (1791-2003)
European Newsstream (1995.12-)
Press Reader (most recent 2 weeks)


The Sunday Times Not held

The Sunday Times Digital Archive (1882-2016)
Nexis Uni (1985.7-)




Newspaper Title Original Database Others
Известия ​​​​​​(IIzvestiia) Not held

Izvestiia Digital Archive (1917-1 year ago)
Izvestiia (2011-)

Правда (Pravda) Not held Pravda Digital Archive (1912-1 year ago)
Pravda (2010-)



紙名 原紙 収録データベース その他
al-Ahram (الأهرام) Not held al-Ahram Digital Archive (1875-1 year ago)
Nexis Uni (2011-)



Newspaper Title Original Database Others
人民日報-北京版-(People's Daily, Beijing edition) 3 months

人民日報 People's Daily database (1946-)
CNKI CCND※2 (2000-)


人民日報-海外版-(People's Daily, Overseas Edition) 3 months CNKI CCND※2 (2000-)  
解放軍報 (PLA Daily) Not held

解放軍報 PLA Daily
CNKI CCND※2 (2000-)

光明日報 Not held

光明日報 Digital Archive (1949-2017)


※1 Historical newspapers (1912-1953) are also available on ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspaper Collection
※2 Articles on politics, military, law, economics, literature, history, philosophy and science and technology can be viewed on the CNKI and CCND databases. Other fields are not held in the collection.


Hong Kong

Newspaper title Original Database Others
明報 (Ming Pao) 3 months    



Newspapers title Original Database Others
朝鮮日報 (조선일보, Chosun Iblo) 3 months Chosun Iblo (1920-)  
東亜日報 (동아일보, Dong-A Iblo) Not held

Dong-A Iblo (2001-)
Press Reader (2007.8-)


North Korea

Neespapers title Original Database Others
労働新聞 (로동신문) Not held KPM Chosen Genron Joho Database (2005-)  
民主朝鮮 (민주조선) Not held KPM Chosen Genron Joho Database (2005-)  


Shonan Fujisawa Media Center (Library)
Reference desk (2nd Floor)

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FAX: 0466-49-1135

Service hours:
9:15 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on weekdays

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