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Find Newspapers: Kyoseikan


In principle, only those affiliated with Keio Business School (KBS), the Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM), and the Graduate School of Media Design (KMD), and Keio faculty and staff, may use this library.

For undergraduate students
In order to enter Kyoseikan Library, a letter of introduction issued by the Hiyoshi Library is required.
For more details, see the link below.

Undergraduate students

List of newspapers (Kyoseikan)

Title Period (Original ) Database
Asahi Shinbun Latest 2 months Kikuzo two visual
Nikkann Kogyo Shinbun Latest 1 month


Nikkei Veritas Latest 2 years  
Nikkei MJ
(Nikkei Ryutsu Shinbun)
Latest 2 months Nikkei telecom21 
Nikkei Sangyo shinbun Latest 2 months

Nikkei telecom21 

Nihon Keizai Shinbun Latest 2 months Nikkei telecom21 
Toyo Keizai Nippo Latest 2 years  
Rodo Shinbun Latest 1 month  
Financial Times Latest 1 year Financial Times Historical Archive(1888-2016)
Nexis Uni(Web) (1982.1-)
European Newsstream(Web) (1996.5-)
The Japan Times Latest 3 months NexisUni(Web) (1998.1-)
The Japan Times Archives(Web) (1897-昨年末)
Kankoku Keizai Shinbun  Latest 3 years  



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TEL: 045-564-2445

平日 9:00-17:00