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You can access Databases provided by Media Center on the 2nd floor
Database Search Corner.
You need a CNS account to sign in the computer.

Most of databases can be accessed on and off campus by using Database Navi.
If you would like to access a database off campus, you have to use remote access services.
On this guide, we are introducing databases which is accessible only at Database Search Corner.

Company profiles and Financial data

QUICK Astra Manager  
The financial database provided by QUICK. It includes statistical data, company financial data, and stock market data.  

The financial database provided by Standard & Poors. You can access it via Database NAVI, but if you would like to use an Excel Plugin, you can access it on Microsoft Excel installed the PC No.3. Statistics, financial data, stock market data are included.

Nikkei NEEDS financial information system / Stock market information system 
You can download raw data of Nikkei NEEDS. If you would like to need enoumous data downloaded from NEEDS, you should use this software. Also you can install the software on your own PC.

TKC Keiei Shihyo (BAST)  
Business analyses and statistical data provided by TKC. 

Stock market data and statistics provided by Bloomberg. You need to make a reservation in advance. Check the web page.

Journal articles

Index of Mita Hyoron v. 1(1898)- v. 1082(2005) 
Bibliographic index of "Mita Hyoron" published by Keio University.


Yomiuri Shinbun 1994-2014  

Okinawa Times 1989-  (1989-1997     1998- )

Macroeconomics data

Kokusei Chosa Hokoku (Census in Japan) 1980-2000  

INDSTAT : Industrial statistics database   

Shin Chugoku Gojyu-nen Tokei Shiryo Ihen (Statistics in China for 50 years) 1949-1998   

Law reviews

Jurist (A law journal) no. 1(1952) - no. 1413 (2001)  

Hanrei Times (A law journal) no. 1(1952) - no.1333(2010)   

Government publications

Kanpo Joho Kensaku Service (Official Gazette) 1947-   

Kokutestu Saiken Kanri Iinkai: Iinkai Gijiroku to Haifu Shiryo (Documents regarding Japan National Railways)   

Election data de miru Sosenkyo no subete (Election data in Japan) 1996, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2012 

Asahi Shinbun de miru Saninsen no subete 2013 

LEVIATHAN Databank (Opinion Survey data) 


The New Towns Record 1946-2002 

IMD World Competitiveness Online 

Shiko Zensho (Sìkù quánshū)  
The Fulltext of Sìkù quánshū.

Transmission of NDL Digitized Contents to Libraries

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