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図書館サービス品質評価のための利用者調査アンケート”LibQUAL+®(ライブカル)”にご協力いただき、誠にありがとうございました。/ Thank you for cooperating with the web-based user survey LibQUAL+(R) to evaluate the quality of the library services.


Q1: What is LibQual+(R)?
A1: It is a web-based survey for evaluating the service quality of libraries. It was developed in the United States and is used by over 1,000 libraries around the world. A Japanese version translated by Keio University is used in Japan.

Q2: I use multiple libraries at Keio University. Which library should I answer about in the survey?
A2: Please answer about the library you most frequently use.

Q3: I have received a request by e-mail. How did you know my e-mail address?
A3: We either obtained your e-mail address from the library circulation system that is operated by the Media Centers (libraries) or used the address registered on and the kcc-channel. The Media Centers have determined a “Privacy Policy” on the handling of personal information. Our use of your e-mail address for this survey is within the scope of “Improving library operations and management” as laid out in this policy.

Q4: I have received requests at multiple e-mail addresses.
A4: Please ignore any duplicate e-mails. If you wish to stop receiving these e-mails, please contact the Library Assessment Working Group.

Q5: Can I use my smart phone to answer the survey?
A5: Although the survey may be difficult to see, you can use a smart phone to answer the questions.

Q6: Can I only answer the survey while on campus?
A6: No, you are able to complete the survey anywhere as long as there is a computer with an Internet connection and you can view the website.

Q7: Can I stop part way through filling out the survey and continue with my responses later on?
A7: No. You cannot save your responses part way through answering the survey. Please complete the survey once you have begun filling out the questions.

Q8: It seemed like the same question appeared twice during the survey...?
A8: Repeating questions is a part of the approach of LibQUAL+(R). Answer the question again according to how you feel.

Q9: I am curious about the results of the survey. Will I be able to see them?
A9: Yes. The results (bulletin) will be announced on this page during the 2017 academic year.

Q10: I received a notification e-mail, but I do not feel like answering the survey. I also received a request e-mail and do not want to receive any further messages. What should I do?
A10: We kindly request that you contact your nearest Media Center. If you wish to stop receiving these e-mails, please contact the Library Assessment Working Group.

Q11: My friend received a request e-mail, but I did not. How can I also participate in the survey?
A11: Inform your nearest Media Center that you wish to participate in the LibQUAL+(R) survey and register your e-mail address.

Q12: What is the prize?
A12: 50 people chosen by a lottery will be presented with a book voucher worth 1,000 yen. Additionally, we have prepared a reward for all respondents to the survey.

Q13: How can I receive the prize?
A13: If you want to participate in the prize lottery, please register your e-mail address on the answer screen. The winners of the lottery will be sent a notification e-mail to this address.
A reward for participating has been prepared for all respondents of the survey. Either print out a screenshot of the “Thank you!” screen after completing the survey or take a screen capture and go to your nearest Media Center.

Q14: When I apply for the prize lottery do I have to use a Keio University e-mail address?
A14: No, any e-mail address on which you can be contacted is fine.