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図書館サービス品質評価のための利用者調査アンケート”LibQUAL+®(ライブカル)”にご協力いただき、誠にありがとうございました。/ Thank you for cooperating with the web-based user survey LibQUAL+(R) to evaluate the quality of the library services.

What is LibQUAL+(R)

LibQUAL+(R) is a web survey package that is based on the quality survey for general services SERVQUAL, which has been improved specifically for libraries so users can evaluate the library services. It was jointly developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in North America and Texas A&M University, and is used by more than 1,000 libraries around the world centered on North America. The Keio University Media Centers (libraries) also conducted a survey in 2008. This time, the survey will be conducted using the simplified version of the package LibQUAL+(R) Lite.

Background and purpose of survey

The Keio University Media Centers are proceeding with their current operations in line with the Mid-range Plan 2016-2020.
As a part of this plan, user surveys are conducted to discern areas for improvement and ascertain the future direction of library services.

Survey methodology

Survey period:  November 1–December 8, 2017
Survey respondents: Comprehensive survey of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff members, and international and correspondence course students
How requests are made: Message function on
                                        Message function on kcc-channel (Correspondence Courses)
Gifts: 50 people chosen by lottery will be presented with a book voucher worth 1,000 yen.
There is also a reward for all respondents to the survey (official Keio goods)
Either print out a screenshot of the “Thank you!” screen after completing the survey or take a screen capture and go to your nearest Media Center.
Additional information:
1) How we acquired your e-mail address
The e-mail addresses used for this survey were obtained from the library circulation system,, and the kcc-channel. The Media Centers have determined a “Privacy Policy” on the handling of personal information. The use of personal information in this survey is deemed to be within the scope of “Improving library operations and management” and has received approval from relevant parties.
2)Personal information collected by the survey
- Age, Sex, Discipline / affiliation, Position (Undergraduate, Graduate, Faculty, Staff)
- E-mail address (when you wish to participate in the gift lottery)
There is no entry of an individual name. Individuals cannot be identified from the survey. 
3) Handling of e-mail addresses used to apply for the gift
The e-mail addresses you provide to apply for the gift will be processed separately from the survey responses. These details will not be used for any purpose other than the lottery determining the gift recipients.
4) Survey data
The content of responses will be accumulated on the ARL server and analyzed.

Survey questions

The survey has fifteen questions.
Please give a score out of 9 regarding the services at the Media Center you most frequently use for each of the three categories,
“① My Minimum Service Level Is,”
“② My Desired Service Level Is,” and
“③ Perceived Service Performance Is.”

The survey will be conducted using the simplified version of the package LibQUAL+(R) Lite.
The questions will be chosen at random as follows.


Structure of LibQUAL+(R) Lite questions
 - Core questions (“Affect of Service,” “Information Control,” and “Library as Place”)
   8 questions chosen at random from a total of 22 questions.
 - Additional questions
   7 questions chosen at random from a total of 11 questions.
 - Open-ended comments (Comment column)