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大学による助成 / University Aid in Payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs)

慶應義塾の研究者向け国際学術論文掲載料補助制度 / Aid in Payment of Article Processing Charges(APCs) for International Academic Journals
Keio ID will be required to access. [In Japanese only]. 

機関購読契約による全額免除・割引情報 / Exemptions and Discounts for Article Processing Charges (APCs) Based on Institutional Subscription

本学で機関購読契約をしていることにより、慶應義塾大学所属の著者は、オープンアクセス化のための論文掲載料(Article Processing Charge:APC)の全額免除や割引を受けられる場合があります。割引の適用についてメディアセンターで取りまとめは行いませんので、詳細は以下の 各ジャーナルのWebサイトでご確認ください。

In some cases, full exemption or discount for Article Processing Charges(APCs) is available to the authors affiliated with Keio University. The aid is provided when Keio University Affiliates submit their works to the journal titles subscribed by Keio University. Please follow the instructions on the websites below to carry out the necessary procedures by yourself. There are also many academic societies and associations that give discounts to their individual members. We recommend you access their websites to find helpful information.

要慶應ID / Keio ID is required…要慶應ID / Keio ID is required.

/ Publisher
/ Journal Title
/ Website
/ Eligible Author
/ Notes (in Japanese)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Science Advances

Science Advances: Licensing and charges

慶應義塾大学所属者 / Keio University Affiliates

慶應義塾大学所属者は割引が適用されます。APC支払いページにて「APPLY DISCOUNTS」をクリックすると割引申請ができます。

「Affiliation discount」欄にはCorresponding Authorの所属機関が自動設定されていますが、設定されていない場合は、Keio Universityを検索して設定の上、申請してください。

American Chemical Society (ACS) すべてのジャーナル/ All Titles ACS Author Choice

慶應義塾大学は"ACS All Publications package"を契約している機関に当たるため、割引価格が適用されます。また、ご自身がACS会員であればさらに割引されます。

De Gruyter 

Hybrid OA Title List要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

Full OA Title List要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

ご案内要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

マニュアル要慶應ID / Keio ID is required


Elsevier タイトルリスト / Title List要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

ポスター要慶應ID / Keio ID is required
Poster in English要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

著者の手続き要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

Author's Procedures要慶應ID / Keio ID is required


Microbiology Society


Journal of General Virology 
Journal of Medical Microbiology 
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 
Microbial Genomics 
Access Microbiology 



National Academy of 
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) PNAS Author Center

慶應義塾大学所属者は"authors from 
institutions with current-year site licenses"に当たるため、割引価格が適用されます。

Oxford University Press (OUP)

Hybrid journals

Eligible journals Title List ※「Eligible for hybrid only R&P deals」(D列)が「yes」のタイトルが対象です。

Oxford Academic


Rockefeller University Press  Journal of Cell Biology (JCB)


ご案内要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

Instruction manual in English要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

著者情報入力ガイドライン(参考訳)要慶應ID / Keio ID is required


慶應義塾大学所属者 / Keio University Affiliates

Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM)
Journal of General Physiology (JGP)
Royal Society of Chemistry 

ハイブリッドOAジャーナル(Hybrid and transformative journals)37誌

ご案内要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

マニュアル要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

Instruction manual in English要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

慶應義塾大学所属者は、オープンアクセス化のための論文掲載料(APC)のバウチャーが利用できます(※2024年は15本まで、16本以降は15%割引)。投稿時のE-mailアドレスのドメインが @keio.jpである必要があります。

Corresponding authors affiliated with Keio University can get a voucher that will waive APC.(Up to 15 vauchers for Keio in 2024)  Please note that the domain of the e-mail address when submitting must be

Wiley タイトルリスト / Title List

Wiley_論文著者向けOA出版ガイド(HOA+GOA+Hindawi) 要慶應ID / Keio ID is required
Wiley_Author-Guide(HOA+GOA+Hindawi)要慶應ID / Keio ID is required

ポスター要慶應ID / Keio ID is requiredPoster in English要慶應ID / Keio ID is required


Cold Spring Harbor

Genes & Development
Genome Research
Learning & Memory
Molecular Case Studies (OA publication)

ご案内 要慶應ID / Keio ID is required 慶應義塾大学所属者 / Keio University Affiliates