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【アーカイブ】COVID-19: Updates on library services & operations_2023/05/08閉鎖: Mita

Library Services During the COVID-19. Last updated:March 31, 2023

For the latest information and hours, check the calendar on our website.
*We have a new Basic Policy on Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Infections from March 2023.


-Please refrain from visiting if you have any bad symptom such as a fever.
-When too crowded, we would control the number of persons inside the library.

Note there is a possibility that the University’s policy for the usage of campus facilities may change. In case of any change, you will be informed on this webpage. Please keep yourself updated. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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Important Notices on COVID-19 (University Measures)

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Services and Facilities Still Unavailable

-5F Reading Room

Contact Information

Circulation Department, Mita Media Center