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Q: Where can I use the databases?

A: You can use the databases on the on-campus computers that are connected to the internet, or alternatively from your own computer when you connect to the campus networks (keiomobile2, CNS, etc.)

Q: What do I need to use the on-campus computers?

A: ITC account, which is a common account for all campuses besides SFC (apply for one at the ITC window) or a CNS account (for SFC only) is required when you use on-campus computers.

Q: Can I use the databases at home?

A: If the database has the symbol next to it, you can access it from your home (via remote access). When you use it you require authentication from (Keio ID) or the VPN connection provided by the Shonan Fujisawa ITC. Remote access service is only available to Keio University undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty and staff members.

Q: What happens if there is a lot of traffic on a database?

A: There is a limit to the number of people who can use certain databases at any one time. Because staying connected to the database may prevent others from using it, when you finish your search, look for messages or buttons such as Logout, Logoff, Exit, Finish Session, Logout, etc. on-screen and then finish your session from there. If you finish simply by closing the browser, you may stay connected, so please keep this in mind.

Q: Why does the link for the database title not appear?

A: When you are accessing remotely, links for the databases which are not remotely accessible will not appear. Furthermore, if “塾外 Outside” appears in an orange box, then it is not authenticated by Please access it once more from

Q: How do I fix display problems?

A: In Internet Explorer, when compatibility view settings are turned on, it may not display correctly. Please turn off compatibility view settings.

Please see: Fix site display problems with Compatibility View via Microsoft Help

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