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For New Students: How to Use Media Centers (Libraries)

Basic Library Guide for new students

Library Video Tutorial for New Students *Keio ID is required

3 Libraries on Mita Campus

Mita Media Center consists of 3 libraries; Keio University Library, Old Library and South Building Library. 

  1. Most books in Western languages are located in the Old Library which is a Gothic style architecture near the East Gate of the campus.
  2. Most journals in Western languages are located on the 4th floor of Keio University Library, or the main library, which is a large, beige-tiled building near the center of the campus.
  3. The South Building is a glass-walled building at the corner of the campus. There is a law/politics library that occupies 3 floors; from Basements 2 through 4. The entrance is located on the Basement 3. The collections of the library include books and journals both in Japanese and Western languages.


Library Facilities

Below are the frequently used facilities:

  • ​​​​​​Main Counter: For borrowing and returning. To renew your loan periods, we kindly ask you to access your My Library of KOSMOS.
  • ILL Counter: For interlibrary loan services i.e. photocopy/book delivery requests
  • Reference Counter: For assistance in using library services and resources
  • Photocopy Machines: Intended for photocopying library materials only; do not photocopy your personal belongings such as notebooks.
  • Computers, Printers, Networks and WiFi: You need an account to use Keio University's computers/printers/networks. You also need WiFi settings if you use your laptop or other digital devices on campus. Reach out to Keio Information Technology Center, or KIC for short, before getting started. 
  • Group Work and Meeting Spaces: Available on the 1st and 4th floors

Frequently Accessed Websites and Webpages