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For New Students: How to Use Media Centers (Libraries)

Basic Library Guide for new students


Welcome to Keio University! Keio University has 8 libraries, or Media Centers. Most of the libraries are freely accessible to undergraduate students. You can use any of them at your preference and convenience*. The libraries house approximately 5 million volumes of books and journals. Online databases, e-books and journals are also available. Learn more about our libraries by reading this guide. We hope it will help you a lot.

*Undergraduate students are required to make an appointment to visit Kyoseikan Library and the Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences (not required for those affiliated with the Faculty of Pharmacy).

Media Center Website

Let's get started by accessing and bookmarking our website. The website enables you to access various services: searching library materials, accessing online resources, placing requests, reaching out to librarians, etc. It also provides you with general information such as loan rules, hours and schedule, details on library facilities and library news. 

Keio University Media Center Website - 

Searching Library Materials

KOSMOS is the online catalog for the library holdings on all Keio campuses. It includes almost all collections of our libraries, either in print or digital format.  Your Keio ID is required to access the online resources from off-campus.  *Not available before enrollment.

In order to access KOSMOS, click the link below or simply visit our website. You will find the KOSMOS search box on the top page.


KOSMOS is more than a searching tool. It also enables you to request library material(s) held by other Keio University libraries, renew your loan periods, view your loan history, organize your favorites, and more. Read KOSMOS Help to learn more about the system. 

Borrowing, Returning and Renewing

Your student ID card is required to borrow or return library material(s). Bring the card along with the material(s) to the circulation counter. Note the name of the counter varies among the libraries. It could be "Main Counter,"  "Information Desk," or others.
The below table shows you the general loan rules. You cannot extend your loan period if the item is reserved by someone else. Those rules are applied to most of the library materials. However, there are some exceptions. Some materials are subject to other rules or unavailable for loan.

Loan Period Maximum Length of Period or Renewal Number of Loans

Undergraduate Students: 14 Days
Graduate Students: 30 Days

90 Days  No Limit

*The overdue fine is 10 JPY for an item per day.

Using Online Resources

We have huge collections of e-books and journals. Search them on KOSMOS just like printed items. See KOSMOS Help for details. We also subscribe to hundreds of databases on various disciplines, including primary sources, newspaper articles, abstracts, etc. Try Database NAVI to find databases that match your needs. Your Keio ID is required to access Database NAVI from off-campus. *Not available before enrollment.

Database NAVI -

Research Guides

We have various types of library guides targeted for the members of Keio University. They show you how to find various types of materials such as journal articles and newspaper articles, and how to use e-resources.

Keio University Research NAVI -

For Your Assignments, Papers and Presentation

Here is our web tutorial KITIE. It gives you hints for working on your assignments, papers and presentation.


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