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Find Keio University Theses/Dissertations: Mita

Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations on Mita Campus


Master's theses and doctoral dissertations are located on the Basement 4 of Keio University Library.

The master's theses are grouped according to school, while the doctoral dissertations are categorized according to research field. Both are shelved in chronological order. Please note that we do not have a collection of the works by undergraduate students.


[How to Search]

Use KOSMOS. The theses and dissertation are catalogued in the same way as ordinary books. Try the dropdown that appears on the left; the default is "All items." Choose "Dissertations" before starting a search, so that you would be able to limit your search results to theses and dissertations. 


[Call Numbers]

The dissertations and theses have call numbers consisting of specific sets of letters.

Doctoral dissertations by students who have completed a doctoral course: DT@K
Doctoral-degree-granting dissertations: DT@R

Master’s Theses: MT@ followed by the corresponding school code shown on the below table:

School Code Graduate School of
L  Letters
S  Human Relations
E  Economics
J  Law
B  Business and Commerce


【Abstracts and Results of Screening】

The abstracts and results of screening for Keio University's doctoral dissertations in the field of humanities are published in print format. They are available in the Bulletins Section on the 4th floor. Note the title is in Japanese: 博士学位論文. (三田・日吉) : 内容の要旨および審査の結果の要旨


Research Proposals

The research proposals submitted to the Graduate School of Human Relations, in and after 1992, are also published in print format. They are placed in the Bulletins Section on the 4th floor, with some volumes lacking. Note the titles are in Japanese: 学位請求論文研究計画書集 / 慶應義塾大学大学院社会学研究科

Access and Duplication

【Access to the Theses and Dissertations】

The theses and dissertations are completely accessible. Just come into the stacks. You do not need an appointment. When you are finished, please return the material to where it was.



Doctoral dissertations: Reproduction in any means, such as photocopying and scanning, is permitted within the copyright limitations.

Master’s theses: Availability of reproduction differs among the works. A master's thesis requires its author's permission for reproduction. Check the permission label on the cover first.

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