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How to find materials in the Keio University collection




Exclusion list (Materials unable to be searched from KOSMOS)

Not all materials can be searched from KOSMOS. Please refer to the exclusion list.

Exclusion list

Find Books/Journals in Keio

A union catalog of materials in all the Media Centers at Keio University.
It allows you to search books, journals, audio-visual materials such as CDs and DVDs, e-books, e-journals, Keio University doctoral dissertations and master’s theses (excluding those from the Graduate School of Medicine), Japanese classic books in traditional binding, rare books, etc.

If you wish to search for e-books, go to KOSMOS and select the all materials tab. E-books will be indicated by "Books" and "Online Access" in the result list.


If you wish to search specifically only for e-journals, go to E-journals search.

For more details, please see  Using E-books and E-journals

KeiO Associated Repository of Academic resources (KOARA)
KOARA, with the objective of spreading and preserving knowledge from Keio University, collects and accumulates academic resources produced within Keio in digital form, and makes this accessible on the internet to anyone in Japan or around the world.
The content on KOARA is supplemented with additional data so that it can be circulated as scholarly information and facilitate efficient searches from anywhere in the world.

KEIO-OPAC allows you to search all resources in KOSMOS excluding e-journals and e-books. More refined searches and display results are possible than on KOSMOS.

Chinese Language Book Catalog (formerly the Chinese/Korean/Arabic/Russian language Catalog)

Allows you to search Chinese language resources that were acquired before July 2001.
For Chinese language materials that were acquired from August 2001 or later, please search in KOSMOS using Chinese characters.

In addition, for more information on searching Chinese language materials, please see Searching for Chinese Language Books (KOSMOS Help) (Japanese Language only)

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