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Using E-journals and E-books: E-journals

Using E-journals

You are able to search e-journal titles (name of periodical) through KOSMOS or the Keio University Electronic Journals page, or you can follow the links from the database search results to directly access the full text.

If you see the "Online Access", it means you can access the e-journal. Underneath the title, it shows from when it was available at each respective campus. (The light-blue  icon means there was an agreement to make it available across all Keio campuses.) 


The Keio University Electronic Journals Page

The e-journals that can be accessed differ according to the campus. By default, the campus you are accessing the Keio University Electronic Journals page from will be selected.


Accessing the full text of e-journals through database search results

Many databases provide links to e-journals (full text) from search results. For texts published in journals which the Media Center has an agreement with, you can get the full text by following the link. If the pen mark icon (shown below), or the KEIO Link Navigator icon appears in the search results, please click on it. 

For more details, please see How to use Link Navigator. 

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