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Using E-journals and E-books: E-journals

Find E-Journals

On the [E-Journals] tab, you can search the electronic journal Keio University has contracted.
*It can not be used from KOSMOS terminals in the library.
*If you access the electronic journal from off campus, Keio ID and password are required.
1. Select search screen
Simple Search

Advanced Search

2. Click "Online access" on the search result list

3. Confirm "Notice" and click on "I accept"

*"Notice" are displayed every 3 hours.

4. Check the coverage year and select the appropriate provider

5. Confirm the material and access the full text

6. If online access is impossible, confirm the collection of the print version

*Click here for request photocopy and letters of introduction



Accessing the full text of e-journals through database search results

Many databases provide links to e-journals (full text) from search results. For texts published in journals which the Media Center has an agreement with, you can get the full text by following the link.





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