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Searching Other Libraries: Using Cooperative Agreement Libraries

About Cooperative Agreement Libraries

Keio University concluded a reciprocal borrowing agreement with Waseda University in order to provide access to an even greater amount of scholarly information and to support the development and enhancement of educational and research activities.


  • It is only for Keio University faculty and staff members (full-time only), graduate students, and undergraduate students.
  • When making a visit, please confirm the library opening times and schedule and the library counter service hours.
  • There are materials which cannot be accessed, such as doctoral dissertations and master’s theses. If you wish to access or make copies of these materials, please inquire in advance at a reference counter at one of the Keio University Media Centers.
  • Due to licensing agreements, some digital materials may not be available.

Waseda University Library (Agreement since 1986)

How to enter the library (for browsing)

Undergraduate and graduate students may use their student ID card, and faculty and staff (excluding part-time) may use an ID card issued by Keio University, to have access to the Waseda University libraries (Central Library, Toyama Library, Science & Engineering Library, and Tokorozawa Library). *Professors Emeriti may use a Library Card issued by a Keio Media Center.
To enter libraries not mentioned above (such as the S. Takata Memorial Research Library), a letter of introduction is required. Please inquire at a counter at one of the Media Centers.

  Central, Toyama, Science & Engineering, and Tokorozawa Libraries Takata Memorial Library, Faculty Library, etc.
Undergraduate and
graduate students
Student ID card
(No letter of introduction necessary)
Letter of introduction required
Faculty and Staff ID card issued by Keio University.*
(No letter of introduction necessary)
Letter of introduction required
Professors Emeriti Library Card issued by a Keio Media Center, or an ID card issued by Keio University. *
(No letter of introduction necessary)
Letter of introduction required
Non full-time faculty and staff/
Correspondence course students
Letter of introduction required Letter of introduction required

*ID cards are issued at the Office of Human Resources Management on Mita Campus, or the General Affairs Office on each campus. When applying for an ID card, one ID photo (2.5cm×3.0cm) is necessary.

Loans for library visitors

When full-time faculty and staff members (including associate professors and full-time teacers and staff of the affiliated schools) bring their ID card and complete the registration procedure at the Waseda University Central Library, they will be issued a library card free of charge (valid for the relevant academic year and renewable).

Photocopying for library visitors

Self Service Copy  : Black & white copies: 10 yen/page
Copied on your behalf : Black & white copies: 20 yen/page

Requests for materials in the Waseda University Library collection to be sent to Keio University

Ordering actual materials: No charge (To be read inside the library within a 2-week period)
Ordering photocopies: Black & white copies: 20 yen/page, Color copies: 60 yen/page

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