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Book Transition/Relocation Associated with the Renovation of the Old Library (Mita): Home


The Old Library, built in 1912, underwent partial renovation and construction beginning in January 2016, to fortify the building for seismic activity.
The main part of the building along with the First Stacks have been closed during the renovation.
As a result, many of our collection have been relocated temporarily to the storage facilities outside the Old Library.

The construction work will finish in June, 2019, then we will bring back the relocated items.
We have new plans for organizing our collection, facilitating access to library items, and providing security to library properties as well as for library patrons.

-The Old Library will house the following collections mainly, categorizing items by disciplines; Economics, Business and Commerce, Literature in Western languages, and Toyama Collection.
 Books on Law and Politics will be housed in the South Building Library.
-We will install compact shelving in the First and Second Stacks on the first basement floor, to increase storage space.
-In the upcoming 2020 academic year, the elevator will be enabled to stop on the second basement through the third floors, to facilitate access to the stacks.
-Also in the 2020 academic year, the entrance and the service counter on the third floor will be relocated to the first floor.

During the book transition and relocation, our services may be limited or suspended partially.
Consequently, the actual location of an item may become different from the KOSMOS location.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
For the latest information, please refer to our website and in-library posters. 

Relocation Plan (as of September, 2019)


*The categories written in red letters are subject to transition and relocation. 

*A part of the collections currently kept in the special stack on the 4th basement floor of the New Library will be transferred to the closed stack in the Old Library. 

Provisional Schedule


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Circulation Department, Mita Media Center