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Using E-journals and E-books


The Keio University Media Centers have agreements to make journals and books available online. The full text can be viewed in PDF or HTML text format, and some allow full-text search.

Find E-journals​

Find E-books

  • There are some e-books that cannot be searched for on KOSMOS. Please see E-books.

Before Using

E-journals and e-books are bound by the terms of use set forth by agreements between Keio University and its providers. Before use, please read the explanation below.

Notes on Use​

The following are expressly prohibited by publishers: 

  1. Downloading a large amount of data, such as the entire content of a journal at one time.
  2. Transferring data to a 3rd party without prior consent. 
  3. Use outside academic purposes. 
  4.  Do not publicly circulate or publish translated, edited, and/or revised versions of the original material without permission.
  5. Intensive access within a short period of time.

These actions could result in access to these services being discontinued for all of Keio University. Furthermore, in the event of unauthorized use, we will analyze the user statistics to identify the offender and may issue a strong warning or take legal action. Please observe the proper terms of use. 

Use of software, applications, etc. that enable large amounts of downloads at once (such as Mozilla Firefox’s add-on DownThemAll) is not permitted. 

Eligible Users​

In principle, use is limited to those affiliated to Keio University (faculty and staff members and students) for research or academic purposes.

24 Hour Access​

In principle it is accessible 24 hours/day. There may be instances where service is temporarily suspended due to maintenance or other issues, but in these cases we will inform you on the Media Center websites, etc.