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The Latest Information on System Migration: Home

From September 2019, Keio and Waseda University Libraries starts using a new library system together aiming to improve the library services.


Features of the new system

Features of the new system

  1. New KOSMOS is the cloud-based SaaS system. 1,800 academic libraries in 41 countries have already adopted the same system. New KOSMOS will enable its users to keep up with the rapidly changing information technology and scholarly communication.
  2. You can search and find the books and journals in both Keio and Waseda University  libraries. You can also search for more academic information such as peer-reviewed journal articles which Keio is subscribing to and freely available contents.

New Kosmos : Conseptual Diagram

Changes in services

The libraries have to suspend the current system and limit the services for the system and data migration in August. The New KOSMOS is launched in September along with the new circulation rules. For more details, please refer to "Changes after September."

     Changes in services

  1. The URL and interface of KOSMOS changed in September.
  2. We will simplify and unify the current loan rules.
  • Loan Rules and Renewal Rules will be changed.
  • Timings for Sending Due Date Reminders will be unified.
  • Your student/faculty ID card or library card will be required when returning library item.

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