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ILL New service: ILL New service(Starting from April, 2020!)

Media Center Gives Partial Aid for ILL Service Fee

Media Center Gives Partial Aid for ILL Service Fee

The InterLibrary Loan service gives you access to research materials not owned by your home library.
We provide you a partial aid for the ILL service fee to help you obtain books and photocopies necessary for your study, research, education and medical practice.

Effective Period: From April 1, 2020
Eligible Patrons: Students, faculty members, staff affiliated with Keio University
The Fee To Be Aided: A part of the ILL service fee necessary to obtain books and photocopies not available at the pickup library
     -We cover up to 3,000 JPY for a request.
     -In case that the fee exceeds 3,000 JPY, the patron owes the excess fee.
     -The rules above are also applied when you make payment by university expense.

~Notice from Media Center~

We kindly ask you to understand the following for proper operation.
 -Before requesting, make sure to search KOSMOS to see if the item is held by your home library.
 -As stated in the Japanese Copyright Act, you may get one copy for one photocopy request.
  Photocopying of a whole book or journal issue is prohibited by the law.
-The requested book would be for in-library use only. 
  Photocopying of the book might be prohibited or restricted under the copyright laws. 
 -It may take some time for multiple requests to process.

Contact Information:

Interlibrary Loans & Document Delivery Services, Keio University Media Center