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Media Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences: Collection

Online Library Catalog (KOSMOS)


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Electronic Resources

E-books and E-journals are searchable in KOSMOS.

Electronic resources under usage contracts can be accessed only by Keio students and staff.
When a notification warning pertaining to the use of an electronic resource is displayed, please read it, and if you agree click “accept.”
Remotely access library resources from off campus by logging in from the login screen.

Digital Collections of Keio University Libraries

Keio Associated Repository of Academic Resources

Links to Various Materials

New Books

Textbooks / Recommended Course Readings
You can perform a search in KOSMOS with the tag ” 薬学部教科書指定書 (Textbooks / Recommended Course Readings for the Faculty of Pharmacy).”
In ブクログ(Booklog), there are different categories including ” 今年度の教科書 (Textbooks for this academic year) ” and ” 今年度の指定書 (Recommended Course Readings for this academic year).”


 Pharmaceutical and Drug Information Guide
This guide introduces dictionaries, databases, clinical practice guidelines, pharmacopoeias, catalogs of medicine, pharmaceutical prices, safety and toxicity information, clinical trial information, etc.


 Theses / Dissertations

Library Collection

【Books】Third Floor (A portion of the collection is kept in the fourth floor stack room)

  1. General books
  2. Reference books
  3. Textbooks
  4. Recommended Course Readings
  5. Test prep books for the Japanese National Examination for Pharmacists, CBT
  6. Books on job-hunting
  7. The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences entrance examination questions from the past five years

【Magazines and Academic Journals】

When you use KOSMOS to search for magazines and academic journals, please confirm the shelving location of each issue.

  1. Academic journals
    Recent issues are on the third floor academic journals shelf, while most of the back issues published post-2011 are in the fourth floor stack room arranged in alphabetical order and separated into Japanese and Western titles.
    Other books are stored in the Yamanaka Book Depository (book storage facility).
    You can ask to have copies of paper you need sent from the Yamanaka Book Depository for a fee.
    Please apply using the online request form.
  2. Magazines
    Magazines can be found in the Browsing Corner on the third floor.
    Back issues that have passed the storage period will be given away for free twice a year.


Newspapers can be found in the Browsing Corner on the third floor.
A variety of newspapers can also be viewed via digital media.

【Electronic Resources】

  1. Databases
  2. E-books
  3. E-journals
    Users have access to a variety of electronic resources on any computer connected to the Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus network.
    With the exception of some content, you can also take advantage of remote access from off-campus locations via
  4. Digital Collections of Keio University Libraries
    The high-resolution images of our special collections includes Ukiyo-e or Japanese woodblock print, Gutenberg 42-line Bible, and Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa's works.
  5. KOARA (Keio Associated Repository of Academic Resources)
    KOARA contains academic papers, research papers, and all kinds of scholarly works produced at Keio University.

【Theses / Dissertations】Third Floor or KOARA

Master's theses and doctoral dissertations that were submitted prior to the 2012 academic year are bound and stored in the library and are searchable in KOSMOS.
Doctoral dissertations written from the 2013 academic year onwards can be searched and viewed though KOARA.
Abstracts are located on the Faculty of Pharmacy materials bookshelf in front of the library counter.

【Audio-Visual Resources】(CDs, DVDs, VHS, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs) Third Floor

When using these resources within the Media Center, please watch/listen to them in the Group Study Room or on a computer in the PC Room.
Headphones can be borrowed from the counter.
Materials for which the Media Center has a license for lending can be taken outside the Media Center.