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Using E-journals and E-books

Using E-Books

You are able to search e-books on KOSMOS by title, author, etc. 


If you see the “Onlin Access”, it means you can access the e-book. When you click on the link “Online Access”, it will take you to the e-book website. (You are able to click on it, only if your location allows access to the e-book.)

E-book collections partially inaccessible to full text

We have added the titles of the following e-book collections to KOSMOS, including those titles without access to their full text.

<E-book collections now searchable via KOSMOS>

- MARUZEN eBook Library (Approximately 25,000 books in Japanese)
【閲覧】(read full text) or 【試読】(trial reading) button does not appear on the screens of some titles. Please submit a purchase request via【リクエスト】(request) button if you wish to have an access to its full text.
Due to data maintenance, the requesting function will be temporarily suspended from Friday, July 12, 2019.

- ProQuest EBook Central (Approximately 770,000 books in foreign languages)
These titles are labeled as “EBook Central (ProQuest)” on the KOSMOS search result screen, and 5-minute trial reading is available.
If you wish to have an access to their full text, please make an online request from the button which appears beneath the book cover image on the Ebook Central web screen. However, for those titles which trial reading and online requests are denied by their publishers, please submit a purchase request to your affiliated Media Center.

For further questions, please consult a librarian at the reference desk of your affiliated Media Center.

If there is no full text available

When "No full text available" is shown, the title may not be licensed to Keio libraries.
Please do not give up. There are another way to obtain the full text. Try as directed below.

1. It is available only in another campus

  Please visit the campus or request a photocopy via online form.

2. Remote access is unavailable to access the journal.
 Some journals are not allowed to access from off-campus. Please access it on campus.

3. Search the following databases by the title you have found on KOSMOS, especially if it is an e-book.

E-books that cannot be searched on KOSMOS