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Find Books/Journals in Keio: Arrangement of Journals

How to find materials in the Keio University collection




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Arrangement of Journals in the Media Center for Science and Technology


As shown in the table below, the location of journals depends on their year of publication.

Publication Year Location  
2007- Main Building 1F  
1981-2006 Annex A part of the journals have been transferred to the Yamanaka Book Depository, for they are available electronically as well.

Yamanaka Book Depository
(External book storage)

The whole collection of the following titles are in the Annex, regardless of publication year: "A+U", "Shin-Kenchiku", "Synthesis"
  • If you can not find particular titles or issues, please search e-journals by KOSMOS.
  • The items in Yamanaka Book Depository are available for delivery or photocopy service. *You can not enter the Depository.
  • Although most Chinese and Russian journals are in Yamanaka Book Depository, some may be in the librarian's office. Please check the location by KOSMOS. 


Shelf Arrangement

  • Journals, both in Japanese and other languages, are shelved together in alphabetical order by title.
  • For Japanese titles in kana or kanji, romanize them.  e.g. コンピュータ = konpyuta,システム = shisutemu
  • Omit articles, conjunctions, and prepositions.
  • Titles in abbreviated form are placed at the beginning of the alphabet.​  e.g. IEEE, ASME, etc.

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