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Find Books/Journals in Keio: Arrangement of Journals

How to find materials in the Keio University collection




Exclusion list (Materials unable to be searched from KOSMOS)

Not all materials can be searched from KOSMOS. Please refer to the exclusion list.

Exclusion list

Arrangement of Journals in the Science and Technology Media Center

As shown in the table below, the location of journals depends on their year of publication.

  Main Building 1F Main Building 2F Annex Yamanaka Book Depository (*)
New Journal Stacks (Bound) Journal Stacks (Bound) Journal Stacks Compact Stacks
General Journals Present 2006~ 2001~2005 1981~2000 Before 1980(**)
Russian Language Journals --- --- --- Unbound Bound

(*)It is possible to request photocopies of journals stored in the Yamanaka Book Depository stacks. To request photocopies, please use the ILL Request (Photocopy) Form.
(**)「shinkenchiku」,「a+u」 from 1980 and earlier are stored in the annex.

  • Journals are arranged in alphabetical order by title.
  • Titles of Japanese language journals have been converted to roman letters using the Hepburn system.
    Example)コンピュータ = konpyuta,システム = shisutemu
  • Articles and conjuntions in Western journal titles are omitted (e.g. "The") and conjunctions (e.g. "and").
    Example)Bulletin of the Operations Reserch Society of America is treated as "Bulletin Operations Research Society America" for the purpose of arrangement on the shelves.
  • Each letter in initials and abbreviations (IEEE, ASME, etc.) is treated as a single word (e.g. IEEE = I, E, E, E). These titles are positioned in front of other items on the shelves.
  • Russian language items are positioned on the shelves in the order of their call number, which starts with an R. The R numbers can be checked using OPAC. When searching for Russian language items, convert Cyrillic text to roman text.
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